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Forti IP Export

Define a Forti static rout

Forti Firewall installation

Forti NTP shutdown (no license asked for VM)

  1. get system status – shows the device status
  2. config system ntp
  3. set ntpsync disable
  4. set type custom – use computer's clock
  5. End

Restart the fort

  1. execute reboot

Forti IP Export

  1. config system interface
  2. edit port1
  3. set mode static
  4. set ip or
  5. set allowaccess ping http https
  6. End
  7. show (for control)
  8. show system interface Shows the IP address assigned to the interfaces.

Defining Forti Static Rout

  1. config router static
  2. edit 1
  3. set gateway
  4. set distance 10
  5. set device port1
  6. set dst
  7. next
  8. End

Define HTTP PING SSH and other accesses for Forti Interface

1.config system interface
2.edit port2
3.set allowaccess http ping https ssh

Ping from the Forti CLI interface

execute ping

Forti OS v7 – static IP identification

  1. config system interface
  2. edit port1
  3. set mode static
  4. set ip or
  5. End

Define DNS from the FortiGate FortiOS v7 CLI interface

  1. config system dns
  2. set primary
  3. set secondary
  4. End

Access the FortiGate FortiOS Forti admin interface from specific IP addresses

  1. Sample trusted host configuration
  2. show
  3. config system admin
  4. edit "admin-test"
  5. set trusthost1
  6. set trusthost2
  7. set vdom "root"
  8. config dashboard-tabs

    Changing the trusted host configuration:
  9. config system admin
  10. edit admin user
  11. set trusthost 1 to 10 ip address/mask
  12. set ip6-trusthost 1 to 10 ip address/mask

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